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The Dawg Trainer is a complete linemen training system. The primary objective of the Dawg Trainer is to develop defensive and offensive linemen to be able to identify and attack offensive blockers and defensive players with precise and powerful hand combat at the point of attack. The Dawg Trainer allows you teach and train offensive and defensive players, in the game of football, to consistently identify necessary points of attack. This creates power positions and leads to consistent execution.


The Dawg Trainer, at its structural foundation, is a P.O.A. ( Point Of Attack)  pad, that is equipped with padded protective gear, engineered with high tech impact foam, PVC durable vinyl and CPSI Certified which makes it safe for use. Our unique apparatus is wrapped with durable vinyl and treated with DuraGUARD®, which is a EPA antimicrobial agent. This agent will destroy and inhibit the growth of microorganisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms. It was important to us that our products are safe to use.


Methodically speaking, each pad is listed and labeled with specific numbers. The numbers on the P.O.A. pad are coupled with a specific method that points to strategic strikes. By labeling the P.O.A. pad, the method develops the necessity of concentration, which will result in the calibration of hand and eye coordination.


Within a practice or training session, a coach/trainer can call out a number or list of numbers related to the method, that the athlete can quickly identify and respond to by attacking those points within a given drill. Within a team’s scheme, the variation of game like drills are endless.

The Dawg Trainer’s method of training is very specific. Each point on the pad is strategically numbered demonstrating the biomechanics of the blocker and rusher at contact. The odd numbers will represent the outside arm extremities, expect 5, and the even numbers will represent the front or anterior side of the arm, except 6. Each number points to a specific spot of the P.O.A. pad. So, P.O.A. 1, 3, 7 represent the outside odd region of the arm of the P.O.A. pad and 2,4 and 8 represents the even region of the inside arm of the arm of the P.O.A. pad. The method of training will specifically point to a point of the P.O.A. pad to attack or defend as an offensive and defensive player. 

In summary, the numbers are designed to teach and train pass rushers and blockers to focus in the fight. Most pass rushers and pass blockers are inefficient because they lose focus at the attack point and often misplace and misfire their hands, which misleads their feet. Through The Dawg Trainer, this proven system will greatly enhance the athlete’s hand and eye coordination leading to great focus and hand efficiency. Get ready to be the best pass rusher and pass blocker you can be. Through the The Dawg Trainer, we seek to develop better athletes and make the game of football safer by bringing the science to the line of scrimmage.